The E-learning modules on various Nutritional themes

1. Basic Nutrition

Balanced diet is a prerequisite to good health. A healthy diet should contain adequate amounts of all major nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Deficiency of nutrients leads to several problems. Young children, Women and Adolescents are seen to suffer from various types of malnutrition related problems in the country

2. Infant and Young Child Feeding

Sound breastfeeding practices and introduction of timely and appropriate infant and young child feeding practices are necessary for the healthy growth of children. Introduction of semi-solid, inexpensive nutrition supplements along with breastfeeding and childcare practices ensure healthy growth of children. The quality as well as the quantity of foods during the growing years determine the overall health of the children

3. Mother's Health and Nutrition

Mother's nutritional status determines pregnancy outcome to a great extent. Undernourished and anemic women end to give birth to low birth weight babies. Such babies are prone to easy infections during early childhood and to chronic non-communicable diseases at later stages of life. Sound nutritional advice need to be given to adolescent girls and young women to ensure safe motherhood and healthy pregnancy outcome.

4. Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Iron deficiency anaemia is one of the major nutritional problems affecting the population groups of our country, Anaemia is seen to have deleterious impact on the physical, mental of our people it also effects the work productivity of people as it renders them tired, weak and unproductive. Inclusion of easily available, inexpensive iron-rich foods and timely iron and folic acid supplementation amoung vulnerable segments of our population are effective ways of combating anaemia